Luminous material dial and pointer replica watches

There is very little introduction to this table on the Internet. It is even difficult for you to find the introduction of the relevant parameters. However, the parameters of the case are not unfounded. We have found the relevant PDF file of the genuine, the genuine parameters of this watch and Related details I will update the forum in the form of a post after finding replica watches the relevant file.

The above is the details of the appearance of this fake watch. In addition to the limited number on the case, and the pilot series made by the past re-engraving experience, there is no more lettering. The detailed lettering about this fake watches. . The relevant source of the model, in addition to past re-enactment experience, the entire table can only be judged based on no more than 10 pictures from the Internet. In the later supplemental update, I will drop some of the details of this table.

The dial and hands of Super Lume luminous materials are also color-coded according to the design experience of the past high imitation pilots. To be realistic, no one knows what the authentic night light looks like.